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Research and teaching are not possible without the many wonderful people I collaborate with. So, this is probably the most important page on my website.

First there are the 300+ ICME graduate students I have interacted with in the last years including TAs on my courses, colleagues in Computational Consulting, co-organizers of seminar series, teacher training programs, workshops and conferences. Some of their stories can be found at the ICME website. And of course the graduate students and colleagues from ERE who collaborated with me on courses, field trips and workshops.

In my research I collaborate with a group of talented people: 

  • Matthias Cremon
  • Kyu Koh Yoo
  • Austin Bushree
  • Luiz Sampaio (senior research associate)
  • and the research group at ICP, Bucaramanga and Bogota, Colombia
  • as well as various students in ICME

Here are some of the wonderful students I (co-)advised in the past:

  • Danielle Maddix, Alameda, CA
  • Folake Ogunbanwo, Houston
  • Malcolm Smeaton (Dunedin)
    Alice Harang (postdoc, Dunedin)
  • Melissa Aczon, San Diego, CA
  • Emmett Caulfield, Bay Area
  • Golnaz Alipour, Davis
  • Matthew Brown, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Steve Collie, Designer, Team New Zealand
  • Steve Jachec, Assoc. Professor, University of Florida
  • Shalini Krishnamurthy, Schlumberger, Boston
  • Morten Kristensen, Senior Reservoir Engineer, Schlumberger, Cambridge
  • Brad Mallison, Senior Researcher, Chevron, San Ramon, CA
  • Luiz Sampaio, formerly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Tianhong Chen, Sr Reservoir Engineer, Shell
  • Qing Chen, Sr Reservoir Engineer, ConocoPhillips
  • Jeremy Kozdon, Assistant Professors Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey
  • Axel Strang, French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy
  • Zhouyuan Zhu, Reservoir Engineer at BP Exploration Alaska

And my past postdocs with the projects they worked on. Invaluable people in any research group.

  • Steve Collie (Stanford-National Geographic Pterosaur Replica Project)
  • Andrew Crook (Stanford Yacht Research)
  • Jim Lambers (Adaptive pressure solvers, upscaling)
  • Henrik Loef (Parallel streamline simulation)
  • Jonas Nilsson (Parallel adaptive pressure solvers)
  • Alex Lapene (ISC)
  • Anna Nissen (ISC, streamlines)